Simplify Your Brand Asset Management & Marketing Fulfillment



Do things faster, with less costs and more control.

Our SaaS based DAM Platform manages & automates a wide range of Brand & Marketing assets across channel partners, business units and/or geographies all from a single, centralized location.

BrandSrv’s module-based architecture makes it easy to integrate with your existing environments and support your evolving Brand & Marketing needs.


Asset Management Module.

Your online resource center for all things BRAND.

  • Efficiently organize, categorize, store and distribute your brand assets
  • Improve knowledge management & promote asset re-use
  • Implement segmentation and access control
  • Quickly find and download the right asset for your individualized needs
  • Package usage guidelines with every download to ensure compliance
  • Track all downloads for reporting and pro-active alert notifications


Marketing Automation Module.

It’s like placing your best designer and proof reader on every job, 24 x7.

Corporate Brand & Product Marketers:

  • Reduce one off requests
  • Promote greater Asset Re-use
  • Increase Speed to Market
  • Introduce approval workflows
  • Ensure consistency in your Omni-channel product-and-offer messaging
    • Everything should be written from the same pen & spoken from the same voice
  • Maintain legal compliance
    • Make updates quickly and across all materials
  • Increase transparency & performance tracking

Local & Field Marketers

  • Reduce versioning & distribution costs
  • Easily localize messages, sizes, formats and layouts
  • Access the latest corporate approved templates, content and materials
  • Automate the proofing of my localized customizations
  • Quickly review and distribute channel specific output types and formats


Brand First.

The essence of your brand should be ever present – in your Ads, social post, customer communications and employee day-to-day interactions. The heart & soul of your brand and its verbal and visual interpretations are what BrandSrv is here to serve. BrandSrv can be customized to leverage your brand elements and standards to always be “Brand Correct.”


All your business needs in one location.

TKI’s custom solutions group provides complementary custom development solutions to further extend the value and impact of your BrandSrv deployment through integration or add on modules.

We’ve deployed everything from API integrations with legacy planning, list & order management systems, to full integrations with existing 3rd party DAM systems, web portals, lead generation or sales & CRM tools.



Show me the money.

We get it. You wanna do more, but with less. So do more. Do a lot more, but with…
Less people – Less funding – Less Time

Your BrandSrv investment will increase marketing speed and cadence, reduce interruptions & versioning costs, help avoid costly and embarrassing errors, and generally make your life as a Marketer easier.
But the biggest impact – it will save time.

  • Recent research has found that introducing an Asset Management system to a company’s workflow results in an average time savings of approximately 2.69 hours per week* or 11 hours per month (per marketing user).

  • If you take an average marketing employee cost (including wages, benefits, time off, insurance, HR, office and equipment rental, training, overhead etc.) of US$131,000 a year or US$63.07 an hour, an Asset Management system can save a staggering US$8,325.24 per marketing user – every year*.

* Based on third party research. However these figures may be conservative. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate Marketing Managers earn an average of US$63.07 per hour in May 2016.


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